Mead is the Polish national beverage, a very significant part of our cultural legacy. Poland is the only producer of meads originating from Slavic tradition thanks to which it is such strongly identified with our beautiful country. Meads are first Polish alcoholic beverages registered in European Commission as Traditional Specialty Guaranteed.

Products of DATO VITA are a combination of centuries-old tradition and experience with modern technology. Such "fusion" guarantees the unique of our offer and perspectives of development and success on world markets. The most popular Polish meads are:

Types of Meads


(1 measure of honey + 0,5 measure of water) the most noble type of meads. During the long-term ripening (approximately 6 years) it becomes stable with full clarity and gains 16% of alcohol content

Types of Półtorak:
  • Jadwiga – mead which characterizes with lively and deep bouquet with a hint of raspberry and rosehip
  • Lubelski – mead of subtle thus intensive aroma with a hint of fruits of the forest must


(1 measure of honey + 1 measure of water)
Comes as a result of natural alcoholic fermentation of honey wort. Thanks to approximately four years of ripening it gains a unique flavour and aroma. Content of alcohol 16%

Types of Dwójniak
  • Kurpiowski - unforgettable flavour of the mead made with an addition of blackcurrant juice
  • Dominikanski - aromatic and subtle flavour of mead made with an addition of multifruit juice
  • Klasztorny - a delicious mead evoking the times when they were produced and kept in cellars of monasteries. Traditional recipe makes its flavour delightful. Alcohol content 16%


(1 measure of honey + 2 measures of water) Type of mead with 13% alcohol content. It needs approximately two years of ripening.

Types of Trójniak
  • Piastowski – made of dark nectar honey with a strong flavor and aroma with herbal and spice additives
  • Stolnik – made of mild nectar honey with an addition of plum must and spices
  • Piastun – aromatic and intensive mead made with the addition of cranberry juice and spices
  • Czwórniak (1 measure of honey + 3 measures of water)
  • Korzenny - Type of mead with 11% alcohol content. It needs approximately one years of ripening. Based on nectar honeys with strong aroma and flavor. The driest of all the meads.


(Mulled Mead)
Type of mead with 13% alcohol content. It needs approximately two years of ripening.

Grzaniec Polski – unique in flavour and aroma mulled mead based on Trójniak enriched with a composition of spices. Drunk after heating up to 50-55 °C

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